Multiplatform Virtual Assistant

Value-Added Communication Service to better interconnect Government and Citizens


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Multiplatform Virtual Assistant


An Advanced communication platform able to extract meaning from spoken and written language in real‑time with the aims to: make easy access to contents needed; reduce operative cost simplifying workflow; continuously improve the relationship among user and provider.
Note: we would like to highlight that the platform has a real wide cross range of applications. So please do not consider just the e-Government scope we selected there. It represents just a possible partition of the platform’s usability.


To simplify communication and relationship between Government and Citizens by using daily Internet tools

Elementi di innovazione

Voice User Experience and Text User Experience at same time in the same seamless stream

Impatti / Risultati attesi

Organization and process review / Operational flow improved, Internal CX improved, UX improved


It is a cheaper investment based on the high scalability of the platform

Elementi di replicabilità

Very easy to replicate maintaining basically the same framework just changing the contents you would like to provide

Stato di implementazione

Multiplatform Virtual Assistant already in use in the corporate business


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