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Indoor Cooperative Robot


Our cooperative robot is factory 4.0 ready and IoT friendly. It safely navigates autonomously or in tele-operated manner sharing the same environment with humans. Advanced sensors and software provide autonomous navigation, obstacle avoidance, voice recognition and users identification. The automatic trail with rollers made it integrable in line manufactories or in logistic chains, with a high intuitiveness of use thanks to the tablet. Every user can control the robot using simple iOS or Android Apps, while the tablet and the advanced interaction system in the head make it also a social robot. An embedded PC provides the intelligence and autonomy in operative environment. Two laser range finders (rear and front), 3-D and high resolution cameras, a tray and safety bumpers and buttons give the robot the ability to safely navigate and work with humans. The robot can use elevators and transport up to 40Kg of payload.


Delivery of cost-effective and advanced services for a variety of applications in fields such as: 1) Social and sanitary applications - e-health and tele-medicine services 2) Retail - Advanced AGV - Social Robotics for costumers engagement 3) Cleaning - Professional autonomous advanced cleaning 4) Security / Surveillance - Teleoperated control of airports, metro stations, contaminated environments, clean rooms and much more

Elementi di innovazione

1) User-Centered design of services, technologies and robotic behaviours 2) Autonomous and cooperative robotic control 3) Trustable and reliable technologies

Stato di implementazione

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