The SmartCommunitiesTech Cluster is a national network of territorial, industrial and research actors that collaborate and develop innovation projects and technological solutions for Smart Cities and Communities.

In particular, the solutions applied to these areas

Smart and Collaborative Mobility

It includes the collection, integration and sharing of data and information, for the understanding, management and improvement of the demand for mobility of goods and people, through the involvement of the final user (citizens, tourists, businesses) even as a co-producer of mobility services.

Smart and Secure Living

It refers to a holistic view of Security, which ranges from the physical security of the urban context, critical infrastructures and the territory, to the IT security of data, devices, networks and IT systems, for people and businesses, focusing on quality of life of the urban environment and recognizing a key role to the involvement and participation of citizens.

Smart and Inclusive Government

It includes the management and integration of urban assets (parking areas, data connectivity, public lighting, water networks, waste collection), the management of the relationship between public administrations and citizens, the methods of supplying services and the management of processes of Public Administration, to achieve a better understanding of the needs of citizens, to acquire greater capacity for planning and activate a renewed interaction.