IoT Accelerator


Ericsson’s IoT Accelerator is a suite of software and services with three components, an IoT Platform, a Marketplace and Local Professional Services.
IoT Platform:
The IoT platform’s capabilities include data management, billing, device management, connectivity services and analytics. IoT Accelerator leverages the Ericsson Cloud System to support hybrid cloud deployments. The platform is offered as a service to enable customers to overcome the barriers of cost and complexity.
The Ericsson IoT Marketplace is both a repository of apps and a collaborative development site. It allows companies to develop solutions in close cooperation with ecosystem partners and – optionally – make them available to their own customers.
Local Professional Services:
The offering includes Ericsson’s complete portfolio of services, including everything from initial setup services to business consulting, application development and maintenance, systems integration and industry transformation services.


Our IoT Accelerator offering breaks down the traditional silos encountered by businesses developing IoT solutions to provide faster development and time-to-market, deployment flexibility and global scale. Simplicity = innovation: This offering includes a platform rich in functionality that allows for the creation of Proof of Concepts in days depending on the complexity. Quick creation means a quicker time-to-market for your solution, enabling operational efficiencies and cost-reduction in the development stages. Monetization: Revenues can be easily distributed between eco systems partners. Already today we are handling transactions for 26 different services on the airport-Chicago O’Hare covering aviation, advertising and utilities! Data Sovereignty: IoT Accelerator leverages the Ericsson Cloud System to support hybrid cloud deployments and meet data sovereignty and security requirements.

Elementi di innovazione

The IoT-Accelerator is the solution that combines IoT platform for efficient management of connected devices and sensors, including a market place where application developers can use API exposed by the connected devices and make application available to final users. the solution includes tools for data monetization and data sovereignty suitable for applicationswhere data cannot cross the border of the country.

Stato di implementazione

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