In the international context SmartCommunitiesTech ha established collaborations and joint projects with more than 40 european clusters and innovation hubs.

We are the ideal partner to

  • involve local, national industrial and academic partners to build relationships and develop collaborations and projects.
  • engage  local, regional and national public stakeholders institutions; municipalities / Smart Cities;
  • meet Italian innovative technology companies (including qualified and well-assessed pool of innovative SMEs and start-ups and Large Companies);
  • support the knowledge of the the Italian Innovation ecosystem, understanding the needs of innovation, weaknesses and strengths, an entry point for matching technology needs and starting business and technology collaborations with the network.
  • communicate, disseminate and exploit of projects results, promoting and creating public awareness and ensuring that stakeholders and potential end users are consciously aware of the benefits and reaches of initiatives, activities and projects.



We organise and promote networking and clustering activities, involving Italian industrial and academic partners, public administrations and European clusters to generate new partnerships, build relationships and develop collaborations and projects.

Promotion and Communication

We give visibility to our network of SmartCommunities innovators and disseminate activities and projects' results towards institutional, research and industrial actors as well as citizens and communities.

Support for R&I

We facilitate the match between Industry and Research to activate collaborations and partnerships at a national and international level, and support our members in the development and participation in innovation projects.


We meet and interview companies, OR and Cities, to map the SmartCommunities ecosystem competences, development interests and needs. Each year, we publish the Research and Innovation Roadmap for SmartCommunities, involving the Cluster members and interested stakeholders.