The increase in the population in city centres and, in the case of art towns and territories, the increase in tourist flows, is recognised as the main reason for the growth in demand for mobility and the consequent increase in traffic and the need for information and transport services. This has recognised and not always negligible repercussions on the environmental, economic and social sustainability of towns and cities, Information and communication technologies can represent an aid where traditional infrastructures cannot be renovated or modernised.

This is why, in response to the social challenges linked to the reduction of the environmental impact of transport and the improvement of energy efficiency, the intention is to promote:

The development and adoption of intelligent and cooperative transport systems, relating to both the private and public sector.
Applications for fleet management, freight transport and the optimisation of last mile logistics.
New electric mobility systems, with the development of solutions enabling the use, management and integration on electric vehicles for public and private transport in an urban and suburban context.


Strengthening of independent mobility of users, with consequent availability of inclusive services and elimination of barriers to their use.
Optimal use of the existing infrastructures (roads, car parks), equipment (electricity charging points) and means of transport (public vehicles, bicycles, cars for car sharing/pooling).
Rationalisation of the methods used to transport freight and people, encouraging alternative and intermodal transport solutions.
Supply of more effective and efficient transport services, making transfers easier, allow better management of the time dedicated to transport and support the development of sustainable mobility.
Reduction of traffic, with consequent impact on the reduction of congestion in town centres, atmospheric and acoustic pollution and the number of accidents.

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