On the basis of the European Digital Agenda, by 2015 the public administrations have to be “[…] open, flexible and collaborative in their relations with citizens and businesses. They use e-Government to increase their efficiency and effectiveness and to constantly improve public services […]”. On the other hand, the 2011-15 Plan of Action for e-Gov launched by the European Union in line with the themes of the Digital Agenda identifies “Using Information communication technology (ICT) to promote intelligent, sustainable and innovative administration” as a lynchpin In this scenario, which in the forecasts of the European  Commission should create a 50% increase in the use of e-Government services by citizens and of 80% by companies by 2015, Information and Communication Technology is able to bring benefits in terms of renewed planning of the services supplied to citizens, rationalisation of inefficiencies and reduction of costs.

In response to strong needs for the renewal of administrative processes, we intend to sustain actions aimed at:

The innovation of services for citizens and companies, by improving accessibility and the quality of services, the guarantee of interoperability between different systems and the dissemination of solutions based on open source technology.
Improvement in terms of the transparency of administrative processes, encouraging the use of “cloud” technologies and relative applications/services, in order to rationalise costs and the environmental impact of the solutions proposed.
Opportunities for active and social participation by single individuals in the processes of public administration, through the design and development of innovative solutions enabling the sharing of information of social interest among individuals, Entities and organizations (public and private).


Support with the creation of open, flexible and collaborative systems that make the transition from local to regional, national and European level transparent, thus enabling the maximisation of the complementarity of the tools and policies adopted at national and European level.
Support with the development of trans-frontier e-Government services for citizens and companies, regardless of their country of origin, with the aim of strengthening the single digital market and completing the legislation existing in sector such as identity management, procurement, healthcare, mobility and social security.
Rationalisation of the costs and environmental impact of administrative processes with a view to strengthening the economic and environmental sustainability of Public Administration.

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