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Effective positioning in Europe and acquiring more funding.
National strategic agenda on smart communities
Continuous involvement of contractors, OR and Regions at all stages of defining the strategy and its implementation
Business networking at national and international level to foster partnership opportunities.
R&D and innovation projects to foster and deploy innovative solutions for modern communities.

Our objective is to activate Italian excellent players active in the field of research and innovation for Smart Communities and, taking into consideration the Italian smart specialization strategy, to pursue these goals:

+ to promote at a national level the regional initiatives by providing an aggregate view and vice versa;

+ to interact with industrial and research players in the definition of strategic choices at national and international level;

+ to provide industrial and research players with tools for the mutual understanding, inter-regional partnership and international opportunities worldwide.

The National Development Plan also goes far beyond local development to trigger inter-regional and inter-cluster actions. The companies and organizations that adhere to the Cluster benefit primarily from being involved in a project of national scale and with ambitious goals, on which the Ministry of Education with an explicit statement on the National Research Plan (PNR) has recently renewed its support:

+ to ensure a greater ability to impact and compete more effectively on European funding;

+ to ensure a national co-ordination on multi-annual development and funding programs.

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