Cities of Tomorrow

June 25 – 27, 2019

San Francisco & Silicon Valley, CA

Silicon Valley Forum’s “Cities of Tomorrow” immersion program explores the regulatory and technological trends that will shape the way humans live in ever-growing and complex cities.

Three info-packed days of visits, tech talks, and tours of Silicon Valley’s most prominent tech and mobility companies and startups.

Topics : 

Day 1 - Mobility

Many companies depend on transportation of some sort—how are they rethinking their solutions? How city agencies are providing avenues for new technologies?

  • Hear from regulatory agencies about how they see the future of mobility and their approach to working with tech companies
  • Meet startup companies that are revolutionizing the way people travel
  • Learn from venture capitalists about their investment strategies for mobility
  • Visit mobility companies and hear their story


Day 2 – Sustainability

From water to waste to energy, growing cities need responsible upgrades to their infrastructure. The event will explore the new models currently in development, and how city leaders are working to optimize legacy systems from the ground up.

  • Meet Silicon Valley city officials and learn about their strategies for creating sustainable living environments
  • Meet startups and established companies and hear about innovation in energy, water, waste management, and recycling
  • Visit an incubator and meet the next generation of innovators


Day 3 – Security & IoT

Cities are more connected than ever—which means our security systems need to be more robust and protected than ever. The event will examine how companies are working to create communities that are smarter and safer.

  • Hear from city planners regarding how they use the latest security technologies in order to keep their cities safe
  • Learn about the latest trends in “Internet of Things” from top tech companies
  • Visit a company that is innovating in the field of “future cities”
  • Network with a global group of industry leaders


For  more info, please visit event page:  https://siliconvalleyforum.com/cities-of-tomorrow/

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