Security and territorial monitoring

The problem of public security is becoming increasingly important, although there is not often enough financial support to develop dedicated solutions. In relation to the Smart Communities context, this problem can take different forms, including forecasting, prevention and management of natural disasters and emergencies, the strengthening of transport safety, the safety of the individual and the fight against crime, the safeguarding of the cultural heritage, the security of physical and IT infrastructures and measures to avoid repercussions on key sectors of the urban ecosystems, such as energy, transport, healthcare and telecommunications.

To this end, we intend to sustain:

The development of solutions that allow the defence and security of infrastructures, networks, devices, services and systems, the integration and interoperability of systems and services in crisis management and the preservation of privacy.
The possibility to use existing infrastructures destined to other uses, such as street lighting infrastructure or public-private video camera systems, to incorporate accessory services (such as video surveillance or public information announcements).


Predict, prevent and manage natural disasters and emergencies.
Improve transport safety.
Ensure the safety of the individual and the reduction of crime.
Safeguard the cultural heritage.
Ensure the safety of physical and IT infrastructure.

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