Energy efficiency and environmental sustainability

Energy and environmental sustainability is at the centre of attention of the European Commission which, within the strategic programme Europe 2020, has identified three key aims to reach by 2020: reduction of emissions of CO2 by 20% compared to 1990, amount of final consumption of energy produced using renewable energy sources equal to 20% and 20% increase in energy efficiency. The strategy recommended by the European Commission in order to achieve these aims is the accomplishment of an innovation process that will lead to a change in the technological and economic paradigm of the production, distribution and consumption of electricity, redesigning the architecture of the electric system and the chain of value of the energy sector.

In response to the social challenges linked to the improvement of the energy and environmental performance of urban agglomerates, which form one of the main energy consumers, as well as areas that suffer substantially from the effects of pollution, we intend to promote actions in support of:

The development of new models for the planning and optimisation of energy use, from traditional and/or renewable sources.
A rational use of resources by companies, citizens and public administrations.
The development of innovative models of planning and managing waste collection and disposal.


The rationalisation of consumption of street lighting, in observance of public comfort and safety.
The reduction of consumption by any energy carrier (electricity, water, gas).
The reduction of pollutant emissions, as well as acoustic pollution, with consequent improvement of the quality of the surrounding environment.
Support for implementation of policies to align the demand for energy with supply.

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